Teleosemantics might well be the most prominent naturalistic approach to mental content today. Its proponents attempt to explain the content of mental states – and, consequently, the conditions under which these states are true or false, correct or incorrect – in terms of biological functions.

Teleosemantics has been intensely debated over the last few decades. Recently, discussion has focused on intriguing key issues pertaining to the teleosemantic framework.

Some of these concern the general form of the teleosemantic approach – e.g. the question whether consumer-oriented or information-based versions of teleosemantics are to be preferred. Other issues arise from applying teleosemantics to various areas of research – e.g. emotion, perception and concepts.

The workshop brings together leading researchers in the field to explore the prospect of accounting for representation along teleosemantic lines in light of these key issues. 


Keynote Speaker: Karen Neander (Duke University)

Frank Hofmann (Luxembourg)

Françoise Longy (Strasbourg)

Carolyn Price (Open University London)

Peter Schulte (Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Ulrich Stegmann (Aberdeen)

Markus Wild (Berlin)


Participation is free, but please register by sending an email to peter.schulte[at]


This workshop is organized by Peter Schulte and Christian Nimtz.

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